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youth performance project

The Youth Performance Project is administered by StageAbility Limited
Vestry Hall Studio Theatre, St MIchaels Lane, Braintee, Essex CM7 1EY
(01376) 567677 - (07409 704707
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The Youth Performance Project is a performance plsatform for young people who want to act. in particular, who want to participate in musical theatre and dramas, and have a real passion for the art form.  Ideally suited to young people who have the hope of entering drama school or University and follow performance as a career choice.
Having said that, the Projects are also an excellent platform for young people looking to gain some self confidence as drama and the performing arts is recoignised for breaking doiwn inhibitins and strengthening self confidence.
The Youth Performance project however is geared to performance, splitting the year into two production blocks with a mix of skill based classes as well as production rehearsals.  It is this combination which contributes to the "on the job" method used by us.
Each year the Project will present a full scale musical or full company drama, professionally directed and managed by our highly experienced creative team.
Whils tht ethos is to work jhard to produce high stsandard performance and productions, we are never away from the
joy and the fun doing

A Bit About Us

The Project is designed to train young people to perform in musical and dramatic theatre.  The year is split into two productions with 20 weeks of workshops and rehearsals which culminate in a fully stged musical production at a local theatre for three to four performances.

Each project will provide spaces for up to 45 young actors aged from around 11 to 21 years old.  The cast members for each production are commited to the full 20 weeks pf workshops and rehearsasls plus show week, and once the casting is announced, all project fees will become due on the first day.

Refunds are not given to those who withdraw from the project and whether or not the full 20 weeks have been completed the full fees as outlined at the first rehearsal or workshop are still due.

Participation in one project does not autiomatically gurantee acceptance for the next project, althoiugh priority will be given to exiting project members if the incoming creative team are confident in an individual suitability for their project.

Once cast, our creative team will not into a discussion regarding their choices, but will be happy to provide positive feedback if a candidate is unsuccessful.
IN addition to the two mainstage productioins, the Youth Performance Project will conduct holiday workshops that will often result in semi staged showcase performances to family and friends.  These workshop provide additional opportunities for serious young actors to develop specific crafts, be they in acting, singing or dance.